June 16, 2015

In the vicinity of the sinking of the Polish escort destroyer ORP “Kujawiak” and in the Barrakka Gardens Arcade in Valletta, Malta ceremonies were held in conjunction with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque with the names of 13 Polish sailors who perished on June 16, 1942.

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I would like to thank everyone who gathered for this ceremony to commemorate Polish heroes.

On September 22nd 2014 after long quest and research by members of our Shipwreck Expeditions Association the shipwreck of Polish escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak was discovered. Soon after that together with our Maltese friends we decided to do something special to remember 13 Polish navy sailors who lost their lives on June 16, 1942 when Polish warship sunk. Lots of good people were involved in this project, many of them we have an honor to call our friends. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Maltase government and The Honorary doctor Owen Bonnici, Minister of Justice, Culture and Local Government for this wonderful ceremony and Malta Tourism Authority for the financial support – Thank you!

Also we would like to thank Mr. Patrick Calleja for the beautiful design of this commemorative plaque and his uncommercial assistance in this whole project – Thank you!

We would also like to thank the Ambassador of Malta in Warsaw, Poland His Excellency Pierre Clive Agius for his great involvement, help and support in both of our expeditions to Malta as well as for his part in this ceremony. Mr. Ambassador you are a true friend of Poland – Thank you!

Our greatest gratitude has to be directed to our friend doctor Timmy Gambin. We hope that we deserve to call you our friend. Timmy we can’t even begin to describe how appreciative and grateful we are. Without your continuous commitment and help none of this would happen – We salute you my friend!

In the past few days I had an honor to dive to the wreck site and on one of those dives I took this Polish Navy Flag which is now covering the commemorative plaque to the wreck at the depth of 100 meters. But more importantly during these deep, peaceful dives in the dark waters, surrounded by silence I had a chance to spiritually connect to 13 navy men, our heroes and I have massage from them to the Maltese people so let me be the messenger: “We lost our lives fighting for your freedom… and it was worth it… Now… we are on our eternal watch in friendly Maltese waters… making sure that your freedom is safe!”

Peter Wytykowski & Team

June 15, the eve of celebrations in Barrakka Gardens in Valletta Arcade.
Work continued with the installation of a plaque commemorating the death of 13 sailors from the “Kujawiak”. The creator of an array of white marble (authors of the text in English. Polish and English are: Dr. Timmy Gambin, Peter Wytykowski, Mariusz Borowiak), which is a gift from the members of the Shipwreck Expedition Association, is the architect Patrick Callaja – the good spirit of the expedition and a friend of the Association. Mounting the plaque was very popular with foreign tourist groups, which on that day visited the historic garden in the capital of Malta.

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The Polish members of the group share an emotional moment  while Peter Wytykowski and ” Sharky ” Alexander (diver from the USA ) take the flag of the Polish Navy to the wreck of the “Kujawiak ” … after 73 years. On the second day of exploration divers examined the stern of the “Hunt Type 2” class destroyer, took photos and filmed footage . In the vicinity of the wreck are scattered shells for the Mk XVI 102 mm guns  as well as depth charges . Wednesday ( 10.6. ) is another day of exploration work. Read More

This is the last day of diving on the wreck of the “Kujawiak”.  Members of the Shipwreck Expedition Association spent four days exploring the stern and midships of the destroyer escort and collected extensive footage and images.  The impressions and feelings are “unforgettable” in the words of Peter Wytykowski and “Sharky” Alexander, who several times descended to a depth of nearly 100 meters. They couldn’t hide their joy and satisfaction that they are the first people in 73 years to touch the “Kujawiak”. The ship is tilted to the port side and well preserved. Near the stern of the destroyer protruding from the sand are several 102 mm shells (pictured).  There are also scattered depth charges.

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Today, Peter Wytykowski from the Shipwreck Expedition Association, the first Pole to visit the ship since her sinking, descended to a depth of 90 meters and touched and explored the wreck of the destroyer escort ORP Kujawiak.

She sank 73 years ago (16/06/1942) after striking a mine near the coast of Malta. This is an unprecedented event!!! Sharing in the success are Mark “Sharky” Alexander of the US and three Maltese divers – Dr. Timmy Gambin, Matthew Montebello, and Joseph Sultana. Support crew: Romek Zajder, Michal Szczepaniak, Peter Kardasz, Bartek Grynda and Mariusz Borowiak from the Shipwreck Expeditions Association.

Over the next few days the group and its divers will continue the exploration of the wreck. Polish divers have reason to rejoice!

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Today we have the holiday weekend: 28 degrees (82 f), the sun, the beach, and lots of traffic on the water.
There are motorboats, canoes, sailboats, and cruise ships… and also a lot of divers . Because the expedition falls on
a weekend we also have our expedition’s “weekend”. Read More

The second day in Malta. The entire team sailed to the resting place of the Kujawiak.
Dr. Timmy Gambin from the University of Malta accompanied us.
And here we are again … Three hours spent above the wreck of the destroyer, which is
at a depth of nearly 100 meters at a position we confirmed nearly a year ago.
Nothing has changed… “Kujawiak” awaits. Our goal today was to verify the reliability of
the technical aspects of the underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and the camera which
will be used during the planned dive.
OK. We’re ready. Only hours from now divers from the Shipwreck Expedition Association
will descend to the resting place of the legendary WWII Polish Navy ship, the first divers ever
to do so since her sinking almost exactly 73 years ago. Peter Kardasz is preparing to film and we know the results will be quite a treat for history buffs.
In the picture Michael “Majkel” Szczepaniak prepares the ROV.



Today was a busy day. Malta welcomed us with a beautiful weather. After a short wait at the airport, last team member – Sharky from US – landed in Malta. After setting up our base in Bugibba we went to the University of Malta to meet with dr Timmy Gambin. During our meeting we set the plans for next two weeks and starting tommorrow we are ready to meet the “Kujawiak”. Read More


June 2, 2015. It is time to start the expedition. Just 10 hours before we take off to Malta, Shipwreck Expeditions team members met in Łódź. At 19:00 in the Church of “Matka Boska Jasnogórska” a holy mass was celebrated Read More