Probably, the last Kujawiak Sailor!

73 years after the sinking of the Polish escort destroyer Kujawiak we’ve found the last living witness to these dramatic events. Leading seaman Kazimierz Stefankiewicz is 98 years old and lives in England. During the war he served on the Kujawiak, Slazak, and Burza. He enjoys good health and his superlative memory proved to be a real treasure for the forthcoming book by Mariusz Borowiak on the history of the ship. The author has made contact with Mr. Stefankiewicz and his family.

The drama that occurred that fateful night of 15th to the 16th of June, 1942 is recounted in the testimonies of witnesses and preserved documents from The National Archives in Kew, the Polish Institute and Museum of gen. Sikorski in London and other materials in November this year you will read it all in the book .

In September members of the expedition are scheduled to meet with Mr. Stefankiewicz who during World War II was awarded the Cross of Valour and the Medal of the Sea for his reliable service at sea.

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Fig. 1 at the top: Able seaman Kazimierz Stefankiewicz in London, 1945 picture.

Fig. 2 … and Mr. Stefankiewicz in 2014.



Fig. ID card entitling leading seaman K. Stefankiewicz to wear the Medal of the Sea with two fittings.

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