BOROWIAK on the trail of the sunken MYSTERY of the “Kujawiak”

An eagerly anticipated book about  history and diving.
BOROWIAK on the trail of the sunken MYSTERY of the “Kujawiak”.

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The greatest  success in the history of Polish wreck hunters! This is the first book detailing the fate of the crew and the ship, which sank under tragic circumstances in June 1942 in the Mediterranean Sea near Malta. In a clear and colorful way the book presents the mystery of the lost wreck and the two expeditions which turned out to be an extraordinary adventure. It’s a fascinating story told by Mariusz Borowiak. Complementing the book are previously unpublished photographs and a documentary movie of the wreck directed by Piotr Kardasz.
Mariusz BOROWIAK (b. 1964), author of 32 books and pamphlets on naval history, co-author of dictionaries and encyclopedias. His book “Westerplatte” was the basis for the screenplay of the film “In defense of the truth”.  His articles and books have been the catalyst for numerous radio and television reports.  He is known for debunking “historical truths” about the Polish Navy in the years 1918-1947 and the German U-Bootwaffe during the Second World War.

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