Members of the international expedition have been anticipating their final chance of the expedition to dive on the wreck of the ORP Kujawiak.  The group was apprehensive about the day’s mission Read More

On the evening of June 16, at the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, one of the most representative places in the capital of Malta, a ceremony was held to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the sinking of the escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak and the loss of thirteen Polish crew members. Read More

Peter Wytykowski had waited a year for this moment. As a participant in the third international expedition to the wreck of the escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak, he had another chance to dive on the beloved ship. Read More

Members of The Shipwreck Expeditions Association conducted the first exploration of the wreck of the ORP Kujawiak in June of 2015. Read More

Mariusz Borowiak’s book “Underwater Hunters”: The secret of the wreck of the escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak” Read More

We are grateful to his Excellency Pierre Clive Agius, the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta for his tremendous support of the Kujawiak project, for his appreciation of our work and his always kind words

An eagerly anticipated book about  history and diving.
BOROWIAK on the trail of the sunken MYSTERY of the “Kujawiak”.

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September 22, 2015  was an exceptional day for the members of the Shipwreck Expeditions Association – the first anniversary of the discovery of the wreck of the escort destroyer “Kujawiak” near Malta and a meeting with the last surviving member of the crew of this ship in England. Kazimierz Stefankiewicz (98 years old, born in Konin, Poland), senior Polish Merchant Marine (served on ships “Warszawa”, “Kosciuszko”, “Pilsudski”, “Batory”) and Navy (served on escort destroyers “Kujawiak” and “Slazak” and the destroyer “Burza”), is in excellent physical and mental condition in his old age.
A big thanks are due to Mrs. Iwona Kuczyńska, his niece and her son Tomasz who were the go-betweens for the Association and their relatives. During the two-hour meeting Roman Zajder, Peter Wytykowski and Mariusz Borowiak had the opportunity to listen to stories from Mr. Kazimierz. The sailor K. Stankiewicz served on Kujawiak at the quad running gun cal. 40 mm, also known as the Pom-Pom gun and he was on board that tragic night in June 1942.

After the war he was in exile . He has lived in Nottingham for nearly 70 years.

We wish you 200 years in good health Mr. Kazimierz.

73 years after the sinking of the Polish escort destroyer Kujawiak we’ve found the last living witness to these dramatic events. Read More

June 16, 2015, on the exact 73rd anniversary of the event, in the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta,
Minister of Justice, Culture and Local Government of the Republic of Malta Owen Bonnici, and Head
of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression, Jan Stanislaw Ciechanowski, unveiled a
plaque commemorating the 13 fallen Polish seamen from the escort destroyer ORP “Kujawiak”.

During the ceremony Jan Stanislaw Ciechanowski said: Read More