“Kujawiak” conquered!

Today, Peter Wytykowski from the Shipwreck Expedition Association, the first Pole to visit the ship since her sinking, descended to a depth of 90 meters and touched and explored the wreck of the destroyer escort ORP Kujawiak.

She sank 73 years ago (16/06/1942) after striking a mine near the coast of Malta. This is an unprecedented event!!! Sharing in the success are Mark “Sharky” Alexander of the US and three Maltese divers – Dr. Timmy Gambin, Matthew Montebello, and Joseph Sultana. Support crew: Romek Zajder, Michal Szczepaniak, Peter Kardasz, Bartek Grynda and Mariusz Borowiak from the Shipwreck Expeditions Association.

Over the next few days the group and its divers will continue the exploration of the wreck. Polish divers have reason to rejoice!




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  1. Fantastic team effort today … need to thank our boatman Joseph il-Gigu … thanks to him we landed the shotline on the spot.

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