Mariusz Borowiak’s book “Underwater Hunters”

Mariusz Borowiak’s book “Underwater Hunters”: The secret of the wreck of the escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak”

is enjoying great interest among readers. During the nationwide launch, which took place on February 13, 2016 at the Shipwreck Festival¬† in Lodz, many copies signed by the author went into the hands of readers. Some time has passed since the book’s launch and in the meantime the author, along with members of the expedition to the wreck of the Kujawiak, held a promotional tour in Poland to meet readers. We are very happy that the book is well received among readers. Here are a few links to some of the many positive reviews it has garnered:

Mariusz Borowiak is a very personable author who enjoys meetings and discussions with readers. If you would like to organize a meeting (Department of Culture, Libraries, Bookstores, Schools, Dive Shops etc.) please contact us directly by e-mail:

It is possible to buy direct copies of the book + DVD movie with a special dedication, at a price of PLN 40 plus shipping; in this case, please also contact us at the above e-mail.

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