We are pleased to welcome our media sponsors along on the second international expedition to the wreck of the escort destroyer ORP “Kujawiak” which starts in a few days and will last through June 17th.  Read More

It is a great honour and big responsibility for our team and expedition. Today Peter received The Explorers Club flag no. 207. He and the flag will land in Poland this Monday. Adventure begins soon! Read More

16 of June, 2015, the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta Arcade. Thanks to the initiative of the Shipwreck Expedition Association and Dr Timmy Gambin and in collaboration with architect Patrick Calleja, in a ceremony attended by the highest authorities of Malta, a memorial plaque is to be dedicated to the memory of the thirteen fallen crewmembers of the escort destroyer ORP “Kujawiak” exactly 73 years after her sinking.    Read More

We are pleased to announce that the history portal, Historykon.pl – one of the most frequently visited social networking sites for history whose task is to promote science – took media support over an international expedition to the wreck of the escort destroyer ORP Kujawiak, which has been resting for 73 years at a depth of nearly 100 meters near Malta. The main objective of the portal is to familiarize events associated with the history of Poland and general history. Shipwreck Expeditions Association has established a long term cooperation with the historical portal Historykon.pl. Soon we will post more information.

Most of the preparation behind us  We are essentially ready. On June 3rd we go to Malta for two weeks . Our international team and extensive equipment will help us meet our goals.

During the previous expedition we established cooperation with the University of Malta which continues today. This year we will participate as part of an international team . Dr. Timmy Gabin  has been involved from the planning stage of the upcoming return expedition and was  also a guest of the wreck Festival in Lodz. Timmy is a great professional and diver.

3D animation produced for us below courtesy of www.bismarck3d.pl Read More


THE EXPLORERS CLUB was founded in New York in 1904. Its purpose is to promote and popularize the study of the Earth, the deep sea, space and care to preserve the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Read More

An article about our expedition on Ale History:

Link: http://wyborcza.pl/alehistoria/1,142067,16931655.html